I am still searching for this elusive runner’s high that everyone talks about…

I’ve got 7 workouts in the bag, though! I’m pretty pumped about that.

~~Also sorry if the website seems a little weird, I’m going through a bit of a rebuild. Hopefully that will be resolved by the end of the week~~

As for the workouts as a whole, there are definitely a few weaknesses I need to work on to make this more comfortable, and one of those is my nutrition. My diet is definitely not built for running. It’s very feeding tube heavy in the morning. For those of you, who may not be privy to what I mean by that, I do an overnight feed through my G-tube – it’s very calorically dense. I’m taking in about 2,000 cal./1100 ml of formula (give or take). Generally I don’t have much an appetite for breakfast, since I wake up full – it’s kind of a weird concept to wrap your head around, I know.

Since I typically don’t eat breakfast, I do a super smoothie around 10 or 11am instead – also calorically dense. I have been trying to run in the morning, and because of that my stomach has been feeling a little heavy during the workout. I’m going to have to tweak this a little bit, I think, so stay tuned to see what direction I go with in that regard.

Today I forced myself to eat a little cereal, ran and then did the smoothie. I may have pushed it with the cereal (and whole milk – always whole milk), but I’m walking a fine line here since it’ll always (read: for the foreseeable future) be my goal to gain weight. The last thing I want to do is shed pounds with this running thing.

Like I said, my diet is going to be a work in progress.

Other than that, though, the running has been eh. I can’t say I love it yet. I had my first “hard” day last week. I think it was workout 5 specifically. It was one of those days where I felt pretty tight and had a hard time motivating myself to get out there and pound the pavement.

Luckily, though, a fellow CF patient had reached out to me to tell me about her own running journey that’s running (pun) parallel to mine. It was much needed and came at the right time.

Funny how that works out, right?

Anyway, I guess you could say I hit a pretty significant milestone today – the workout entailed more running than walking (I decided to run a bit during one of the walking portions since it was a quick session). The app didn’t really give me a chance to cover a ton of ground, so I finished with just over a mile and a half in distance, but it was nice to prove to myself that I don’t have to lean so heavily on the walking portion.

That’s all for now… until next week!

P.S. The new Taylor Swift song is notttttttttttttt good.