After a long 4-5 weeks (including 3 weeks of IV), I’m finally feeling myself again. That means it’s time to start pushing this running program to reach the week 8 finish line (running pun).

I’m a weekend warrior, so I haven’t had a chance to write, but my PICC line was pulled yesterday!! FREEEEDOM!


Now I think I’m dealing with the frustrating hurdle that all of us with chronic illness feel – starting over.

In my opinion this is the most difficult part of dealing with the disease (aside from the physical illness) is constantly needing to start over. I spend hours of my day taking care of myself only to have my progress periodically wiped away. Ultimately fitness is largely about the end of the mean, and I think hitting that end in spite of CF can be a real challenge sometimes.

To fight that I set small attainable goals, and this running journey, or whatever it is that I’m calling it, sure as hell is a a small attainable goal.

So here we are, and to be honest, I’ve really done my best to avoid losing all my fitness progress. I’ve now run another two times since I last blogged about jumping back into the game mid IV course. I think realistically I’m probably about 3 or 4 workouts from getting back to where I left off at the end of “week 4.”

The competitor in me would love to speed this up, because, let’s be honest, I’m trying get through this running thing as quickly as I can, but I do have a history of lower body injuries, so I know slow and steady will win this race (another running pun).

I last went running on Friday, and I actually felt pretty good. I did a SLOWWWW 1.75 miles, so my goal is to pick up the pace a little bit tomorrow.

We’ll see how that goes, and as always I’ll update you WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!

3rd period of the Rangers game is about to start… soooo we’re done here.

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