Josh Llewellyn-Jones joins the podcast this week to talk about his #24hrs4CF Fitness Challenge. In July Josh, 29 living with cystic fibrosis in Cardiff, Wales, plans to complete a 100-mile cycle, 10-mile run, 10-mile row, 10 miles of cross training, two-mile swim, lifting 100 tons, 3,000 sit-ups, 1,000 push-ups and 1,000 squats in under 24 hours all in an effort to raise awareness and money in the fight against CF.

Josh talks about the importance of exercise for people with cystic fibrosis, and notes that while his training style may not be for everyone with the disease, it’s critical that people with CF find a way to physically push themselves each day. He has even served as an inspiration for Julia and I, as we completed our first ever Making it Matter Fitness Challenge (albeit a fraction of what Josh intends to perform) a few weeks ago.

You can follow Josh’s path to #24hrs4CF on Facebook, Twitter (@joshljones) or Instagram (@joshlj14), and donate to his effort HERE