Breathe In Ep. #35 – Love to Breathe

Somer Love joins the trio to round out cystic fibrosis awareness month. Somer is a tremendous advocate for people with cystic fibrosis as she shares her journey very transparently through social media and her brand – LoveToBreathe. Somer talks about how staying positive and having a good sense of humor are the best ways to live with CF and get through the day to day challenges. She talks what it’s like to have CF and be a vegetarian, as well as considering joining in on Gunnar’s challenge for Lea and Tiff where he made the two go ice skating. The podcast finishes up with Somer chatting about her Love to Breathe Tokens!

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***CF Awareness Post*** #TBT Although I have spent a majority of my life in and out of the hospital, hearing you will have to be admitted never gets easier. Not sure if its the realization that I actually am sick and coming to terms with that, or the fact that I have to take a two week time out to focus on something that you never really want to completely focus on. . When I am admitted it is for 2 weeks at a time to receive high doses of IV antibiotics and round the clock breathing treatments. So I pack my bags and move in to my home away from home and I make the best of it. The staff becomes my family and I make the joint as cozy as possible. I have a theme for every time I am in the joint this last October it was “sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns all things happy” we decorate every inch of the room from ceiling to floor… and don't forget the candy dish so the nurses will stop by to get their fix…. there’s a method to my madness. . What are some things you do to make your hospital stay bearable, and go as smoothly as possible?! Breathe out Love! Xo❤️ . . . #LoveToBreathe #cfawareness #cfirl #life #cfawarenessmonth #hospital #hospitallife #makethebestofit #curecf #spoonie #chronicillness #positivevibes #strength #live #love #breathe

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