Breathe In is coming at you with a new style of podcast, this week we are introducing “segments.” The first half of the podcast includes Gunnar and Tiffany talking about how they are able to make medical decisions, and control conversations inside the clinic. They lean on information coming from care providers, while also balancing quality of life, and anecdotal experiences form other patients. The second half of the podcast is an interview with Folia Health. Gunnar interviews Nell Meosky Luo, founder and CEO of Folia, and Celeste Hermes, a sophomore at the University of Texas, CF patient and project coordinator at Folia. Nell and Celeste talk about giving patients and care providers a look at the qualitative experience of living with cystic fibrosis through the Folia portal, as well as some of their up and coming program initiatives designed to give patients the tools necessary to live well!

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