Introducing the brand new Boomer Esiason Foundation program, Breathe In: A Cystic Fibrosis Podcast! The Salty Cysters, Lea Faraone and Tiffany Rich, will be cohosting the show with me as we dive into different CF related topics from three different perspectives.

Separating this program from the ones of years past, Lea, Tiffany and I are all dealing with cystic fibrosis in different ways! Tiffany, from northern California, is post double lung transplant, Lea, from Maryland, is working full time as a nurse and… well if you’re reading this you probably know more about me than I’d care to admit.

Our first episode tackles back to school. We talk private vs public vs Catholic school, and everything in between – from carrying medications on us in class to Tiffany needing to bring an oxygen concentrator to class.

We hope you enjoy our new weekly podcast, and remember, you can follow Breathe In on Instagram at @breathe_in_pod.

The podcast will be available on iTunes sometime later this month!