It’s a holiday today, (which… does anyone else think it’s kind of weird that we celebrate the executive office of the federal government, especially since our entire existence as a nation is predicated on the idea that no single person should wield too much power?), so that means you get a quick Monday Morning thoughts.

Welcome to the Team!

Last Friday was #NationalCareGiversDay and since you know how much I love hashtag days, let’s talk about it for a second! My parents have been my biggest teammates and supporters since day one. I call my support system a team, because, well, it is a team. My team includes anyone and everyone in my life who supports my fight against CF – from doctors and my CF care team, to friends, family, Darcy, and everyone in between. It takes a lot to be on my team, and don’t you think for one second that everyone’s roster spot is safe. I make cuts, and I make them quite frequently. I don’t have time, nor do I have the patience to allow someone who isn’t buying into our larger goal on the team. What’s that goal? It’s happiness. At the end of the day, all we want is happiness, and I want it for my teammates and myself. Happiness is a big word, and for me, the way I define it is: health, success, opportunity, family, memory and achievement. My parents are instrumental in my pursuit of happiness, and I’ll forever be grateful. Active care is a small part of what they do, helping me pursue happiness, is what they do best.


Our lovely phages are back in the news! A little while ago, I wrote about the potential bacteriophages have in treating some of our most stubborn CF infections, so make sure you check out THIS ARTICLE from last week!

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