Alright round two is in the books – lets see the results!


#1 Coughing 87.1% – #8 Dehydration 12.9%

#5 Malabsorption 48.9% – #13 Stomach Pain 51.1%

#6 Distended Stomach 56.9% – #3 Fevers 43.1%

#7 Fatigue/Difficulty Sleeping 68.8% – #2 Gassiness 31.2&


#1 Daily Treatments 68.6% – #8 PICC Placements 31.4%

#12 G-Tube Leaks/Spills 37.7% – #4 Realizing You Forgot a Medication 62.3%

#6 Antibiotic Resistance 67.3% – #3 Sterilizing Nebs 32.7%

#7 Sinus Surgery 27.5% – #2 Hospital Stays 72.5%


#1 “You Don’t Look Sick” 75.8% – #9 The Pity Party 24.2%

#12 Using Multiple Pharmacies 36.5% – #4 Nurses Unfamiliar with CF 63.5%

#6 “Are You Contagious?” 50% – #3 Doctors Unfamiliar with CF 50%

#10 Encountering Smokers 49.4% – #2 Insurance Battles 50.6%


#1 Life Expectancy 68% – #9 Climbing Stairs 32%

#5 Canceling Plans Last Minute 62.2% – #4 CFRD 37.8%

#6 Inconsistent Day-to-Day Health 69.4% – #3 Lung Bleeds 30.6%

#7 Mucus Plugging 45.7% – #2 Mucus Puke 54.3% 

So we had a tie. “Are You Contagious?” really did tie with Doctors Unfamiliar with CF. Our tiebreaker was an executive vote – Tiffany, Lea and I (the NCfAA – National Cystic fibrosis Administrators Association) all cast votes to break the tie, and the unanimous winner with a 3-0 win was Doctors Unfamiliar with CF. There are few things more annoying than going to the ER and having a doctor give you a look of horror when you tell him that you’re on three or four different antibiotics.

That wasn’t the only close matchup, though. Insurance Battles barely beat out Encountering Smokers with a spread of only 4 votes, and Stomach Pain had a 7 vote victory over Malabsorption. It looks like we may have a potential Cinderella run with Stomach Pain!

A lot of surprises here too, I think. I am SHOCKED that Distended Stomach beat out Fevers. I really can’t believe that. Fevers are like the WORST thing ever, but that shows how much I know!

I’m also quite surprised to see Sterilizing Nebs go down so early, but I guess Antibiotic Resistance does suck.

All in all, we still have all 4 #1 seeds still alive and 3 of the 4 #2 seeds still in it.

Beyond that, I think it’s interesting to see how close the voting proportions were this round between the blog voters and the Instagram polling on @SaltyCysters. The vast majority of games were similar within a range of +/- 5% between the two polling locations. A few, however, were very different – Insurance Battles won by huge margin on my website, whereas it actually was behind on Instagram.

Now we head to the SALTY SIXTEEN. As always, you can vote below and on the @SaltyCysters Instagram story.

Happy voting!