Round 1 is in the books! Just about all of our “games” were one sided affairs believe it or not! Our closest matchup was found in the recommendations regions – #14 Have you tried seeing if marijuana works? vs. #3 Have you tried going gluten free? Gluten free came out on top by a margin of just 13 votes!

For all of you stat junkies out there, @SaltyCysters on Instagram has been our leading polling center by far! @Breathe_in_pod and the votes through our Google Forms have shown a consistent voting trend, though, so it’s not like one polling center has had more power than any of the rest. We’ll see if that trend continues!

Once the tournament comes to an end, we’ll go through the statistical side of things much like we did last year.

Of note… we had three #2 seeds go down in the first round! Let the cinderella stories begin.

Here’s a look at what’s left of the bracket (I’ll put the full bracket at the very bottom), and then, of course, the Google form for voting!