Here we are… championship weekend Monday and Tuesday! We’re starting off with the Cystic Fibrosis Four! The final four teams who have made it to the very end. The regional champions! Coming out of the Questions region, we have the #7 seed, Is it like asthma taking on the #5 seed, Maybe you should stop smoking out of the Recommendations region. Over on the other side of the bracket, we have the #1 seed, You don’t look sick from the Statements region up against our cinderella story team, the #8 seed from the Said to Parents/Partners/Friends region, But she looks so healthy!

It’s interesting to note that over on the right side of the bracket, we have two very similar teams playing against each other – the main difference is the group the smh term is said to!

Happy voting (below) and then over on @SaltyCysters and @Breathe_in_pod IG stories, too!