Lindsey Leininger, the nerdy-Girl-in-Chief, at Dear Pandemic, a website where bona fide nerdy girls post real info on COVID-19, joins the show to talk about the state of the pandemic, lessons learned, how data should be used to inform public policy and how she fights back against misinformation. She is a public health scientist who teaches and writes about data-driven health policy. Her greatest professional passion is helping health care decision-makers make sense of medical data. Over her career she has taught and trained policymakers, physicians, patient advocates, and executives about the intelligent use of public health and medical evidence. She is on faculty at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College where she teaches courses at the intersection of health analytics, public health, and the health care industry.

Lindsey talks to Gunnar about bridging the political divide when communicating about public health measures, how people should interpret the data they see on TV and how the pandemic ends.

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