With Tiffany out this week, Gunnar is joined by Lise-Courtney D’Amico, 25 with cystic fibrosis from New York City, and Stacy Carmona, 32 with cystic fibrosis from Orange County, California. Lise-Courtney and Stacy were connected via Cystic Fibrosis Foundation CF Peer Connect, which pairs two people with CF in a one-to-one peer mentoring program. Stacy was initially deemed “the mentor,” but their friendship has blossomed to something far beyond the intended purpose of the program. The pair share stories with Gunnar about how they inspire each other from across the country, work hard through together through a common exercise class and how Lise-Courtney recently competed in the New York City Half Marathon with their friendship in mind. Gunnar and Lise-Courtney also talk about their time at Boston College where they overlapped one year, and reminisce about the time they ran into each other on campus.

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