I guess it’s sort of ironic that I’m talking about progress in my 9th blog post when this was supposed to be an 8-blog series, but alas such is life with cystic fibrosis.

I know I’m a couple days late with this post, but I’ve had some other stuff going on. The blog life is a hard life, but being busy is a good thing!

My runs are pretty much all runs at this point with minimal walking. I’m also consistently into 2-mile range with these workouts. As far as my athletic life is concerned, this is much farther than I’ve run at pretty much any point in my life.

During my football days we ran a mile or a mile and a half during most practices, so if we’re talking about my life as a whole, this is some uncharted territory.

To that point, and if we’re being honest with each other (and I’m not sure why we wouldn’t be honest with each other via blog posts), I think a good mile and a half run is the distance I’d like to settle with once this is over. After all, my goal here was to use this as a warm up run before heading to the gym.

BUT since we’re well into this 8-week couch to 5K program, I’m going to see it through because I know YOU, the people, want it.

As far as the running goes, things have been all right. I changed up my course this week… I’ve been turning right at the end of the driveway instead of left. That’s been an exciting thing. I also ran into my local high school’s cross country team out in the neighborhood. I don’t think I’ve ever felt slower in my life.

Most importantly, though, I had a really productive mucus day yesterday. Last week I spoke a bit about coughing up plugs. Sometimes they are a bit a of painful nuisance, but other times they just fly right up and out of the airways, and that’s what I experienced yesterday.

It’s hard for me to articulate what it feels like when a plug clears. Imagine, if you will, a glass coke bottle. You know the “pfffff” sound it makes when you pop the top off? That’s kind of what it feels like when a plug clears.


If anything, those “pfffff” moments during this running program have validated the whole thing…

Until next week!