Josh Lewellyn-Jones, 30 with cystic fibrosis, joins the podcast again, this time to recap his #24hrs4cf fitness challenge, which was a massive success. Josh mentions that while he was able to fundraise quite a bit for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in the UK, it was nothing compared to the awareness raised around the event. Over 8 million people worldwide were tuned into the event, to the point where he was actually trending on Twitter. He hopes that his 24 hour fitness challenge can inspire people with CF, no matter the severity of their personal illness, to push themselves each day. Whether that is walking around the block or spending a couple minutes each day to improve their health.

Josh has his eyes set on the future where he plans to launch Team 24/7 and a charity, CF Warriors. He wants to use those platforms to help motivate people to use fitness to redefine their lives in a healthy way. Josh is nearing the end of his allotted recovery time (1 week!), as he begins to train for a marathon, an Iron Man and a World Record attempt in 2018.

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