The trailer for “Five Feet Apart” dropped last weekend, so the trio shares their initial thoughts about cystic fibrosis on the Silver Screen. Gunnar has been outspoken about some of the issues he has with the film as seen through the lens of the trailer, from portraying people with CF as being consumed by death to pity-seeking victims. Tiffany is a little bit more optimistic for the forthcoming movie and has even reached out to director Justin Baldoni. Lea shares that she suffered from an anxiety attack just hours after watching the trailer. The chat turns to the topic of awareness. Many commenters in the CF community are accepting the film for what it’s worth under the guise of “awareness,” so the group chats about what it may mean for the community at large. Ultimately the trio does agree that the storyline and marketing campaign around the film has seemed tone-deaf, which has absolutely created a significant divide within the CF community. The podcast finishes with an appeal for the production company to address the issues that this film has seemingly created within the larger patient and family population.

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