Breathe In Ep. #78 – The Salty Yogi, Physical Therapy for CF

It’s May… CF Awareness Month! Throughout the entire month, Breathe In will be featuring several people with CF or people who play a role in improving patient health and wellness in each episode. This week’s episode features Chelsea Spruance, 26 with cystic fibrosis, and Karen von Berg, a physical therapist at Johns Hopkins who works with cystic fibrosis patients. Chelsea, otherwise known on Instagram as @Salty_Yogi, talks about using Yoga as a way to build strength to recover from severe illness, becoming a Yoga instructor, living in the US Virgin Islands, and how she’s able to manage CF care so far off the grid! Karen, who was, at one time, Lea’s physical therapist, talks about how PT can be useful for people with cystic fibrosis trying to build respiratory and physical strength.

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#mindfulmedsmovement . 24 hours a day. We each only get 24 hours a day. If we don’t decide where we are going to spend that time, it simply goes wasted. In today’s society it is so easy to get sucked into the meaningless items within our phone, internet, or TV. It seems almost maddening when we see how productive some people can be with the same 24 hours that we get. I find this to be a reoccurring theme in the CF world specifically. . For those of us with CF, we are forced to sit for hours each day to keep ourselves healthy. While many people may think, “wow that’s such a great time to get things done!”, we all know that’s very rarely what we use that time for. In a poll I put up the other day over 90% of people said they use that time to scroll the internet, Instagram, Facebook, or in some way nonsensically glued to our phones. Even I have become so irritated with myself at this immediate grab towards my phone the second I start my meds. . My own frustration with this made me wonder…. what could we do with this time if we CONSCIOUSLY and MINDFULLY thought about how we would use this time rather than letting impulse take over?? Think of the things we could accomplish: . * Learn a new hobby? * Read a new book? * Learn to play an instrument? * Take an online course? * Meditate? * Write? * Reorganize your cloths? . Think of all the possibilities!!!!! I really want to start this #mindfulmedsmovement to use this time that we have to set aside each day to not only make our body healthier, but our minds!!!! I hope you will join me in this by commenting what YOU want to bring into your treatment/med time and posting about it in your story or page to inspire others to transform treatment time from a mindless activity to a mindFUL time where we can grow and expand our horizons!!! . . . . . #cysticfibrosis #raredisease #mindfullness #consciousness #transformyourself #cfirl #cflife #fucf #webewarrior #mindfulmovement #cfawareness #betteryourself #invisibleillness #motivation #inspire #chronicillness #lungdisease #spoonie #vest #respirtech #medication #treatmenttime #breathingtreatment #humancare

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