Drug discovery and development in the cystic fibrosis community is moving at an incredible pace. With that, though, comes a feel of stress or anxiety as the science behind all of this is both complex and constantly moving through seemingly never ending clinical trials. For people on the outside looking in, me included, it’s difficult to grasp the enormity of all of these projects.

Julia and I obviously are not alone in this feels as we’ve gotten several emails over the month or so asking us to discuss this new feeling, which Julia and I liken to being stuck in a sort of no-man’s land. We discuss a few strategies that we have to cope with this feeling, none being more important than educating ourselves on the medical advances.

CFF has a great resource for people who want to look into clinical trials and drug development.

Making it Matter this week is Sam Carrier for having the courage to share her daughter’s journey with cystic fibrosis, only to be berated by internet trolls. We’ve got your back, Sam!

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