Julia and I continue the conversation about infection control and cross infection in cystic fibrosis with our latest podcast. Last week I touched on the topic and gave my thoughts on the CNN story about “The real life ‘Fault in Our Stars’ Couple” in a blog post. It’s a pretty volatile subject, so needless to say my opinion generated quite a bit of feedback. I have been on the receiving end of quite a bit of harsh criticism, which is totally fine with me. On the flip side, though, I have received dozens of messages of support and intrigue. I think that is the essence of discussion. It is important for people to talk out their differences and if I can serve as the vehicle for that discussion, then I am achieving my goal.

I feel that I am always at liberty to share my opinions regardless of the topic, just as you are too. So comment away!

Whether or not you agree with Katie and Dalton’s decision to be together, their relationship and the media’s coverage of it, the story has generated plenty of questions and some pretty strong feelings. Today’s podcast is simply another opportunity to push the conversation forward and add another voice into the mix. Julia has a brother with cystic fibrosis (which is not unheard of), so her words are incredibly valuable to the topic, as her and her brother obviously interact on a personal level.

Tune in to episode 8 of the Making it Matter Podcast Series as we delve into the complexities of infection control, patient interaction and what it all means for the cystic fibrosis community.Novartis_GUN