Happy National Doctor’s Day everyone!


Turns out we’ve got a holiday for everything.

Shootout to the people who make sure we don’t die! The real first line of defense; The group that fails to update waiting room magazines for decades at a time; The people who trigger coughs, poke us with needles, listen to our insides, and say, “hmmm” a lot!

Doctors are the bridge between health and illness, and, all joking aside, they are tremendous heroes in the CF community. CF doctors and care teams are faced with enormous challenges, a race that has no clear finish line.

Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonologists share this ride with us. They see us at our very best – “you look good today!” – and at our very worst – “I think we should admit you.”

They’ve stretched out a childhood illness into our adult years. They share good news with us, but they’re also the ones who deliver the bad.

They surely must deal with many, many complex memories of past patients and see those people living inside us today.

They, more than anyone, have seen the evolution of cystic fibrosis through the years, and just like we are filled with hope for ourselves, they feel it for others.

So thank you, doctors for not only making sure we don’t die, but also for riding this out with us! You reassure us when we need it, give us confidence when we doubt ourselves and provide courage when our bravery fails. You are just as much apart of this as we are.