You can definitely put me into the worried and stressed categories when we’re talking about COVID-19. Things are happening crazy fast. At times it feels like the global medical infrastructure to fight this thing is buckling beneath the pressure, but then a moment later a new paper is published citing the efficacy of some repurposed antiviral. In some ways, I feel like I am used to health related stress, but this is definitely a new level.

Twitter has been a great place for conversation within our patient community, so I went out to gather thoughts. It’s my hope that more folks around us start to recognize the very real anxiety a lot of us are feeling, so that we can all take social distancing seriously, while those in the low-risk population show a substantial degree of empathy towards us and what we are dealing with.

The overwhelming feeling seems to be that people are worried.

Another common thread seems to be folks feeling that Trikafta will hopefully provide some security.

Others are saying that it’s business as usual.. after all, we’ve been infection aware for a long, long time!

A lot of people are thankful to be able to isolate and/or work (and go to school) from home.

There is some angst about people who won’t say home and do their part to #FlattenTheCurve – you can count me in that population, too!

Some people actually seem to be taking it quite well, too!

Regardless of how you feel, know that there are resources at your finger tips! The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation recommends: “Many people with CF are experiencing anxiety because of all the uncertainty around COVID-19, particularly because of the higher risk. The CDC provides information on coping with the fear and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, and the CF Foundation has developed resources on anxiety and CF.