In a special New Year’s edition of Making it Matter, Julia and I take a few questions from our listeners.

First, we respond to a question about our last podcast, which asks where people can turn to get help about anxiety.

Second, we answer an interesting question about facial hair, in particular mine (I apologize for the horrible looking mustache this time around, it was necessary for a Christmas party).

Third, we discuss a few different airway clearance options.

Finally, we talk about cystic fibrosis as an “invisible illness.” It is a term that is thrown around quite a bit, and one that certainly has a stigma attached to it. Julia and I will definitely revisit this one at a later date – lots of layers here.

Making it Matter this week is Caitlin O’Hara. We remember her for the amazing awareness she brought to both the CF community and Organ Donation world, before succumbing to complications of cystic fibrosis and transplant at the age of 33. Breathe Easy, Caitlin.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year everyone!

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