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Revolutionary Study Proves Talking to Patients is Helpful

You can make this up, folks. From STAT:

A new study suggests a simple idea could go a long way toward curbing dangerous medical errors: looping in patients and families about what’s happening with their care…[the intervention] starts with heading to a patient’s bedside and right off the bat, asking if the patient or family has any questions or concerns. Then, health care providers are supposed to give updates and go over the treatment plan in a way that minimizes medical jargon and makes everything clear.

The fact that someone had to spend money to prove communication with patients and families improves patient safety is beyond me. The above article almost reads as a satirical story. This is seems like the most basic of stuff, folks. What we’re really talking about here is the lunacy of the medical profession – the “I’m better than you attitude” that gets people killed. It goes without saying that there’s a culture in the clinic that looks down on patients. You’ve felt it, I’ve felt it…hell we’ve all felt it.

Trust the doctor who introduces himself with his first name. Leave the doctor who introduces himself as “doctor __________”


I still can’t believe she is gone, it’s like a horrible nightmare that I can’t wake up from. The past few days have been terribly difficult to get through, but I really do appreciate all the messages of support. I am finding comfort in knowing just how many people she was able to touch, and I think you should, too! Her reach was far beyond what she ever knew and that speaks volumes to her character.

We have a massive infectious disease problem in cystic fibrosis, and it sort of feels like we keep brushing it under the rug. I live with it, and Lea lived with it. We’re going to change that. It’s time to demand new options to treat chronic infection, and I mean NOW. Tell your local Cystic Fibrosis Foundation chapter, call national Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, talk to your cystic fibrosis center, educate your government representative, and yell it from the top of your lungs… we deserve new options. Not in 2 years, not in 5 years…. NOW. Pour the pressure on the organizations representing us… Lea would want that for all of us.