In keeping with the theme for May, Breathe In features two interviews this week! Gunnar chats with Will Marler, 24 with cystic fibrosis from the UK. Will is the producer of ‘Straight From the Lungs’ podcast, which features Gunnar and 22 other people with cystic fibrosis! Will talks about the project, which began in 2016, as well as his involvement in the UK CF community, which includes his participation in the UK national CF conference. Gunnar notes that in the United States, patients are not widely included in NACFC, and points to the UK’s conference as a way CFF can learn and adapt. Tiffany talks with Jackie Price, a 27 year old woman living with cystic fibrosis and a double lung transplant. They discuss Jackie’s sudden need for a double lung transplant after a routine sinus surgery! You think that is intense, wait until you hear the rest!

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