The best time of year is finally upon us. It’s time to bust out those advent calendars, decorate the Christmas tree and put up the giant inflatable Santa Claus in the front yard. The mad rush of Black Friday has come and gone.

I don’t ever partake in the Black Friday midnight tradition (?), rather I find myself laughing at the videos of the people who do. Nothing gives me more joy than watching two complete strangers fight over a Nerf Gun hours after a holiday that celebrates time with family and friends.

I’m more of a Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday kind of guy. Cyber Monday allows me to be the armchair quarterback that makes dads everywhere proud. With the click of a button I can have something dropped off on my front doorstep faster than you can say Amazo-, while my bank account drops only a fraction of what it should. Nothing says Amazon Prime quite like the 38.675% I’ll save on my favorite hedge clippers, lawn mower and garden gnome. Prime members really know how to get away with QUITE the steal. After I’m done buying my completely useless items on Cyber Monday for quite the bargain (but not really, because you all do realize we are still spending more than cost for these items, right?), I really do look forward to Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is where we (the people fighting over the Nerf Gun in aisle 73 of Wal-Mart) have a chance to redeem ourselves – the chance to make a difference. There are hundreds and thousands of worthwhile causes to consider giving to on Giving Tuesday, one not more important than the next.

In my opinion, Giving Tuesday is the only worthwhile named shopping day of the holiday season. Some companies get it right and make giving a staple of their holiday profits, which is awesome, because that’s what the holidays are really about, right? That’s why my friends over at BRAX have decided to do something great for the Boomer Esiason Foundation and the fight against cystic fibrosis. Through December 15 you can buy holographic tailgating sports cups and 40% of the proceeds from all purchases made at will go to the Boomer Esiason Foundation. For armchair quarterbacks like me, I’m not sure there is a better gift. To highlight this campaign, BRAX is also offering a special code today for Giving Tuesday. Enter the code “B2G1” in the gift card redemption box at checkout to receive their “buy 2 get 1 free” offer. You will be able to get 3 packs of cups for the price of two.

I want to thank BRAX for not only making this possible, but also allowing me to enjoy shopping this holiday season. Seriously, shopping gives me anxiety, like lots of it. I’m one of those people that walks through Best Buy looking to buy just a single thing, yet leave with like 26 DVDs that I’ll never watch.