Breathe In features two more interviews this week as we continue charging through CF Awareness Month. Danielle Mandella, 32 with CF, joins Gunnar to talk about her very unique path through transplant. As one of the very few people with cystic fibrosis to have ever received a living donor lobe transplant, in lieu of a double lung transplant, some 16 years ago, Danielle talks about some of the major differences she experienced with her journey… including an amazing story about who her living donors were! Clark Huddleston, 29, living with CF joins Tiffany to discuss working on the road with cystic fibrosis. Clark chats about his jobs with the music festival industry and how he managed cystic fibrosis. Tiffany and Clark talk about disclosing cystic fibrosis to the employer and how Clark managed that with his on the road job, Both chat about how they grew up knowing each other at only a few months old.

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