This GoPro video definitely shows a behind the scenes look at my life with cystic fibrosis. I tried to capture the maintenance that my body requires for it to fully function. Beyond that I really wanted to give a first person point of view of my feeding tube access. Hopefully if people see this and see how easy it is to use a feeding tube, maybe there won’t be so much fear attached to it.

It seems like the minutes and hours are endless when I am doing nebs, hooked up to the Vest or feeding tube and that is why I do whatever I can to keep my mind and body in tip, top shape. Without a focused and driven mindset, motivation is hard to come by. I constantly remind myself that the only way I can live life on my terms is by taking the absolute best care of myself when people may or may not be watching. At the end of the day, I am my own best (worst) critic.

Luckily for me, a GoPro can make drying paint look extreme – so if you’re wondering if I feel like I’m Tony Hawk competing for a gold medal at the X-Games every time I use my feeding tube, the answer is unequivocally YES.

Enjoy Part 2 of foray into filmmaking. If you missed Part 1, click HERE.