With Tiffany away on vacation, Elsie Tellier, 21 with cystic fibrosis and a senior at Harvard joins the podcast this week. Elsie is a passionate disabilities advocate and fashion blogger. She talks to us about some of her work within the Harvard disabilities association and how she had to fight uphill to advocate for proper accommodations, while also pursing her studies. She talks about going from a small town care center in Winnipeg to a bigger one in Boston, and how fighting through different health care issues has taught her how to advocate for herself in different situations. The conversation turns to Star Wars as Gunnar finally gets a guest on the podcast who shares his love for the series, though, they do have a disagreement about the “Phantom Menace.” Finally, Elsie shares why she has been so critical of “Five Feet Apart” and, as she calls it, “sick lit.” Elise has been cited in her argument against the film in a number of different publications, including Teen Vogue. The podcast wraps up with some advice from Elise to cystic fibrosis college students.

A note for our friends who watch on YouTube: This week’s podcast is only in audio format. It will still appear on YouTube, but without video capabilities.

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