Erinn Hoyt, 27 with cystic fibrosis and 2.5 years post double lung transplant, comes on the podcast to talk about her path to the 2017 Transplant Games. Erinn says that Swimming was a huge part of her life, and kept her out of the hospital until she was 17 years, which oddly enough is when she was first introduced to Vest Therapy. Erinn’s health began rapid decline during her senior year of college when she landed in the ICU due to a nasty infection. She was transplanted several years later and credits her athleticism to her quick recovery and turn around after the massive operation. Most recently, Erinn was named the Team Boomer Athlete of the Year and competed in the 2017 Transplant Games in 7 swimming events. Gunnar, Lea and Tiffany announce a giveaway at the end of the episode.

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