Christmas is just around the corner, so it is time to start working on those lists to send to Santa!

Here’s my holiday season gift guide for that special someone with cystic fibrosis in your life… or maybe someone without CF (if you somehow find this blog), these gifts will work just fine for anyone else too.

Fitbit Charge 2 – $149.88

Time to join the #FitFam. I love the idea behind the Fitbit. It’s a great motivator and it certainly gets people off the couch and moving – exactly what we need in the world of cystic fibrosis. Excellent for setting goals, the Fitbit can help you stick to your New Year’s Resolution and achieve those #gains in the gym. I was on team Apple Watch, but after seeing how useless it is for being so dependent on the iPhone, I’m up for trying something new, and I think the Fitbit is that “something.” My one bone to pick with Fitbit is the sizing. I have a hard time finding electronic watches that fit my wrist, because my arms are just so damn skinny (#CFprobz), but it looks like the good people over at Fitbit are finally moving in a direction to figure that out with the adjustable bands. Checkout the Fitbit and get your body moving.


Mobile/Car air-purifier for cup holders – $49.88

Before you start to think this is a SkyMall gimmick sort of thing, let me convince you otherwise. I actually have one of these, albeit an older model, so I probably need to upgrade, but this actually works. I am a big believer in HEPA filters, I have one in my bedroom, my office and really most of the rooms I spend a lot of time in, so it makes sense that I would have one in my car. This is perfect for people with CF who spend a lot of time in the car. The best part is that these fit into cup holders. The filters don’t take up a lot of room, and if you want to go smaller and less expensive, you should consider the filters that fit into the electric car outlets (some people call those the cigarette lighters, but let’s call a Spade a Spade here, if you’re smoking in the car, you’re probably not reading this blog). The tiny filters can make for great stocking stuffers. It’s definitely an age appropriate gift, though. Santa isn’t coming down the chimney to bring a 12 year old an air purifier – it might as well be interpreted as coal at that point.


Jerry the Boy Who Could Not Fail children’s book – $7.95

Jerry Cahill has lots of awesome children’s books out on the market, but this one is my favorite. It’s a little older, but great for kids, with or without CF! Head over to to take a look at some of Jerry’s brand.


Fearless by Eric Blehm – $10.00

In my opinion there is no greater story out there than the story of Adam Brown’s life as Navy SEAL Team Six Operator. It’s a great story, one that hits every single emotion in the human body. A real page-turner, Fearless accomplishes what many books fail to do; it immerses the reader inside the life of Adam Brown to the point where he feels like he is growing up right beside Adam. This book has left a lasting impact on my life, and I would be remiss not to share it with the world. It not only teaches great lessons in leadership, friendship and determination, but also serves as an exhilarating motivator.


XBOX One S 2TB Console – $399.99

I’m on team XBOX when it comes to video games. XBOX One is awesome, I love it and it gets a lot of use, especially when I’m not feeling well. When I was younger, my parents used video games as a motivator to get me to sit down and do my treatments. So to answer your question, yes I am endorsing video games as a treatment method for CF. This remastered console gives users the ultimate HD experience and a media center for basically everything – with an XBOX, there’s almost no reason to have Apple TV or any of that nonsense. If you sit close enough to the TV while you’re playing, you might actually end up with a sunburn, that’s how HD this is. In college I used my video game consoles in productive ways also (aside from the hours of NHL 12), like watching Netflix and getting the NFL package. The 2TB version eliminates the need for an external hard drive, which can be pretty pricey. Now with that being said, if you have younger kids, I recommend the 1TB version, which ultimately is a lot cheaper overall. As with most video games, you can search far and wide on the Internet for deals, so don’t settle with something you see right away. Play on… player.


GoPro HERO 5/GoPro Hero Session – $199.99 – 399.99

I love my GoPro, just watch. You could go out for a walk and a GoPro would make it look cool. I used to be one of those people that would kind of give a strange look to people walking around with a GoPro, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. They are great for everything, and the quality is second to none for its price. It’s incredibly easy to use, and beyond that it’s really fun for everyone. Whether I show up to a friend’s house with my GoPro or if one of my buddies brings his along on a trip, we know we are about to have a good time. Let your little kid with CF run wild with his new GoPro.


Make a DONATION on behalf of your loved one with cystic fibrosis

Not all gifts are objects. Show your loved one with CF how much you care by making an awesome donation to one of the many causes that support people with cystic fibrosis. We’re also talking about tax deductions, baby!!

And there you have it – just a few things I have my eye on this holiday season. Hopefully this helps fill out your Christmas list!