I am quickly approaching the finish line. Well… I guess “quickly” isn’t the correct word, since I’m not moving anywhere quickly.

My conditioning is definitely improving – my legs feel pretty good when I am getting through my runs. I am beyond walking at this point.

If I were to constructively criticize the app, I’d say it took too long to get to this point, but that’s just my free opinion.

Yesterday’s run was a bit of a challenge as the old CF came to pay me a visit. For whatever reason I felt a bit chunky. I definitely don’t feel sick, but I could tell that I had a lot of shit moving around inside my chest.

As a result, yesterday’s run was brutal.

It was the exact same workout as the previous one earlier in the week, but it felt like it was exponentially more difficult to get through the 20 minute run this time around. I also covered significantly less ground with this workout compared to the previous one.



With that being said, days like yesterday are what are making this program so gratifying. It’s definitely a challenge to push through some of these workouts, as easy as they probably are for a healthy person, but I am constantly reminding myself that this is a different kind of goal for me.

To that point I’ve figured out a strategy that has really seemed to help. If I focus solely on my breathing (well, 95% breathing, 5% watching out for cars), I can push through some of my discomfort. I’m not sure why that is, but things have been significantly easier since I’ve started to zero in on my breathing technique.

I’m still convinced I probably look like a psycho with how hard I am breathing relative to how slow I am running, but whatever… at least I am out there.

4 workouts left!!!