Margaret Carfora embodies the word perseverance.

In honor of National Donate Life Month, Julia and I invited Marge, 34 living with cystic fibrosis, onto the podcast to talk about her life 13 years post-double lung transplant.

Her second chance at life has not been without adversity as she’s had to face PTLD, Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer thanks to the immunosuppressant medications required for transplant. She’s overcome all of these obstacles and talks about the importance of not only her family’s support, but also her ability to stay organized and compliant with all of her medications and changing routines.

Marge is also a recent mother of twins! She opens up about her path through IVF, finding a surrogate to carry her children and what it’s like living with a chronic illness and being a mother of two.

Margaret is Making it Matter!