Tiffany is joined by a fellow double lung transplant recipient, Auburn Stevens, who has had over 30 sinus surgeries due to cystic fibrosis. The two chat about how Auburn has had 2 lobectomies before her transplant, which is a new concept for Tiffany. Auburn shares reasons for her surgeries of sinuses and a major scary in office procedure where her sinus cavity was expanded with a balloon. Tiffany talks about her first sinus surgery after transplant and her experience with the recovery. Auburn and Tiffany reminisce on all their sinus problems throughout their lives and inform the listeners of what happens in the sinuses with a cystic fibrosis patient. Auburn ends it with advice to those who may need a sinus surgery in the near future.

A note for our friends who watch on YouTube: This week’s podcast is only in audio format. It will still appear on YouTube, but without video capabilities.

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