Tiffany’s lifelong best friend, Kelsey Sleek, joins the podcast to celebrate Tiffany’s 2nd lungiversary! On November 30, 2016, Tiffany was wheeled into the operating room for a life saving double lung transplant, and her life has changed for the better ever since. Kelsey talks about the support system side of cystic fibrosis and what it was like to be there for Tiffany through the up’s and down’s and then eventually, the several year wait on the transplant list and through the surgery itself. Tiffany, who gets a bit emotional (which leads to an entire podcast meltdown!), talks about what it meant to have such a strong support systems in the midst of such a challenging time. She even says that it felt like she wasn’t the only one with CF – her friends had it, her parents had it and everyone in between – because everyone in her life went through the same difficult journey to get her to the transplanted lungs. Join us in celebrating Tiffany’s 2nd lungiversary!

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