The trio discusses their different working lifestyles. In response to the changes in her health, Lea has had to find a balance between working full and part time, while also considering her healthcare options from forgoing full time employment. Tiffany, since transplant, has been on disability, and while she mentions that it’s not exactly where she saw herself when she was younger, she understands that she needs to get her health to a point where she can feel confident enough to work. Gunnar is the only one who holds a full time job at the moment. He feels like since his health is in a place where he can safely pursue several employment options, he might as well go for it. The trio also talks about some programs they utilize (or will soon start to utilize) to help supplement care, as well as why they can’t stand being around people who smoke cigarettes.

Here’s a look at Lea and Tiffany when they each went ice skating!

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