After a few weeks off, Gunnar and Tiffany return to the podcast with Gunnar’s girlfriend, Darcy. This time, though, Darcy puts on her social worker hat and takes the podcast through a clinical lens into the world of self care. It’s established early on in the podcast that self care is a bit of a misnomer these days because of Instagram, while Darcy actually defines it as doing things that are often uncomfortable or that we avoid, and ultimately contribute to bettering our minds, bodies and spirits. The podcast is then broken down into seven buckets:
1) Saying No
2) Accepting Help
3) Practicing Self Compassion
4) Letting go of what you can’t control
5) Making time for things or people that are important
6) Setting boundaries with people that bring you into their drama or dysfunction
7) Making a long list of short term and long term goals

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