Gunnar and Tiffany continue May with another week of spring interviews! Tiffany talks with Tyler Smith, 23, who is living with cystic fibrosis and almost a year out from his double lung transplant, Tyler talks about his life growing up with CF and how sport was something that kept him healthy. He played golf and baseball year round and even received awards and titles. The two talk about his decline in health and how marriage was a huge priority in his life. His love story is sure to give you the chills and make you smile. Gunnar talks with Chase Nichols, 28 with cystic fibrosis living in Denver Colorado about coping with cysitc fibrosis. Chase describes his path with CF and different methods he uses to cope with CF, including medicinal marijuana, which is legalized in Colorado. He also talks about losing his sister to CF and how that shapes his personality today. Ultimately Chase prefers to approach his CF through a positive lens!

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