Gunnar is back on the podcast after his voice has finally recovered! Rima Manomaitis (also known as @Lung_Story_Short on Instagram) joins Gunnar and Tiffany for a Feeding Tube Awareness week podcast. Rima takes the podcast through her double lung transplant process, talks about moving halfway across the country despite failing health and notes that she’s had a feeding tube for about 12 years. Tiffany doesn’t look back on her g-tube days with any pleasure whatsoever, and even tells a cringeworthy story about getting an Nasal-Gastric (NG) tube placed in the days following her own transplant. The podcast changes directions to talk about dating, body appearance with a g-tube and anything else that can happen with g-tubes, including the time Gunnar’s fell out of his stomach in the middle of the night!

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